Animal Feed in Okeechobee, FL

Farm Supplies & Animal Nutrition

Jones Supply A.I. Sales & Services, Inc. is proud to carry the best products and work with top dealers to ensure our customers get what they need, when they need it. Family owned in Okeechobee, FL, we offer the highest quality bulls, breeding supplies, semen and feed in the industry. We also deliver liquid nitrogen tanks to ranches, dairies, and other business establishments from Orlando to Miami. Our experienced staff is dedicated to meeting your needs, no matter how big or small. Contact us today to find out how we can help your animals!

ABS Global, Inc.

ABS Global is one of the oldest and most reputable companies in the beef and dairy industry. At Jones Supply, we believe our customers deserve the best quality of bulls to improve their herds. Our family also is committed to providing every customer will excellent service. We want to be a business you depend on for quality products and services, day in and day out.

Jones Supply can assist you with synchronization programs, breeding supplies, dairy or beef semen, or someone to breed your herd. Each operation is different, let us help you plan for success! We carry all your A.I. Equipment that you need to include new semen tanks and gently-used tanks. If you’re looking to freeze a brand, we also have tanks for rent. We are now offering Udder Care Products for Dairies, Valiant and Express, with complete the pumps and foaming systems.

**UPCOMING AI MANAGEMENT COURSE DECEMBER 4-5-6, 2017** Fill out application (link below) and send to us with payment to reserve your seat. Class size is limited.


ADM Animal Nutrition

Jones Supply is proud to be ADM Animal Nutrition’s largest dealer in the Southeast. We carry a full line of feed, minerals and health products for animals from rabbits to equine. Our top-of-the-line products ensure you’ll raise healthy animals. While we have a large inventory of products on hand, if we don’t have what you need, we’ll go above and beyond to get it for you.

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Southern States & Triple Crown

Jones Supply carries a number of feed options from Southern States and Triple Crown. We have everything you could need and always keep it fresh. If you haven’t tried either of these brands, stop in today and our experienced team will help!

Liquid Nitrogen

At Jones Supply, we know how important liquid nitrogen and cryogenics can be to your business. We currently delivery liquid nitrogen tanks and supplies as far as Orlando and Miami. Our staff will work with you to ensure we don’t disrupt your business day and get you exactly what you need in a timely manner. We’re flexible with our scheduling, whether it be weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc. We also carry a line of reliable, used tanks and provide a warranty with all new tanks!

For the latest prices on our new, used and rental tanks and accessories, contact us today at (863) 467-0351. If you already have a tank, but need to have it filled on a regular or periodical basis, we can provide that service at a competitive price.

Below is a list of products that are normally stocked. If you’re looking for a specific item that isn’t listed below or you’re unsure of what you need, give us a call today!

G2463AAA67 Jones Supply Florida Special Mineral
G2464AAA14 Jones Supply W/M Florida Special Mineral
11080AX Mintrate XL
54531AT Mintrate Blk Brunette XH
532AT BLD Mint RU WR
533AT Mintrate Blond Block
537AT Mintrate Red Block
54550AX Mintrate Tubs
54783BHBE4 Rough & Ready 14% BT60
11082BL HFRS Mintrate XL 18/16
470AB Beef-Trate RU 150
35184CBB24 16% SE Heifer Grower
351754 Calf Starter Pellet CTC
339AT Dri-Trate Blk Red
625CW W/M Sheep Mineral
80861AAA24 Dairy Goat Power 16%
80866AZN24 Meat Goat Power 14%
80869AAA14 Goat Power Mineral
80887CAU24 Meat Goat Power 18% Alfalfa RU
80918AAA65 Sheep 22% Red Block 33.3#
80921AAA65 Goat 22% Red Block 33.3#
10194AGN ShowTec Lean Developer LN
10200DB ShowTec Pig Navigator
11022AA ShowTec Mintrate 11022
11102DB ShowTec Lean Maximizer
11110BC Firewater – Canister
11148AE ShowTec Starter/Grower LN/FBZ
11156AE Fast Fwd Fat
11159AA MM ShowTec #1 Mineral Supplement
11256AE ShowTec Developer TY/Paylean11850AAA26 MM ShowTec Fast Fuel
12079AAA74 Alliance 3-D
12111AAA15 Moorbody
12116AGN ShowTec Sixteen Ln
12303AAAA3 MM ShowTec Prep for Swine
12303AAAMB MM ShowTec Prep for Swine
18007AGN MM ShowTec 18% 7% Fat
18241AGN24 Moorman’s ShowTec Developer
24020AYWE4 ShowTec Burst Starter
263AGN ShowTec Best Pig Formula
29209AQVE4 ShowTec Starter WDC
53844AA84 ShowTec Cattle Grwr/Fhr w/Rum B SE W
81076CAUE4 Meat Goat Power 16% Doe & Buck RU
81080AAAE4 ShowTec Rumafill
81558BGX84 Showtec 18 Elite Show Lamb
10130AB SeniorGlo
11083DG MoorGlo
11228AAA6G Pro-Vit-Min 100# Tub
11228BL Pro-Vit-Min 200# Tub
120AB PowerGlo
205AE ShowBoost
558AB Grostrong Ultra Fiber
594AB Grostrong Mintrate 50#
641AP Grostrong Mineral 50#
641BT Grostrong Mineral 25#
642AS GroStrong Mineral Block 25#
665AS GroStrong Quad Block
681BT GroStrong Precise Mineral
80022AAA24 Patriot 16% Junior
80029AAA24 Patriot Senior
80244AAA84 Alliance 12% Sweet
80486AAA24 Alliance 12% Pellet
80876AAA56 Forage First Treats 25#
80876AAA5A Forage First Treats Case of 8 – 3#
80935AAA25 StayStrong Metabolic Mineral Pellets
80955AAA24 JuniorGlo
81064AAA25 Healthy Glo Nuggets
81086AAA19 Healthy Glo Meal
81484AAA84 Patriot 10-10 Textured
81513AAAE4 Patriot 12-10 Performance
81578AAA24 PrimeGlo
81587AAA24 Alliance Performance 12-6 Pellet
80033AAA24 Pen Pals Profession Rabbit 18%
80034AAA24 PP Profession Rabbit 16%
80036AAA24 PP Profession Rabbit 15%
80051AAA95 PP Adult 21-8
80052AAA95 PP Performance 27-18
80069AHG44 PP Game Bird Starter Grower PRM
80070AHG44 Pen Pals Game Bird Breeder 200 BMD
80071AHG44 Pen Pals Game Bird Conditioner PRM
80526AAA24 Deer Rack Plus
80823AAA95 Proud Paws Ultra Select
80885AAA14 Rack Plus Deer Mineral
10041CB Parity Plus Premix-Trate
10788AAA24 Feed Power Pig Grower
10788ARK54 Power Pig Grower CTC Cubes
235AAA MoorFat 50# 2577410
235AAA77 MoorFat 20# Pail
70009ACF44 PP Starter Grower AMP/BMD 50#
70010AAA24 PP Egg Maker PELLET
70010AAA44 PP Egg Maker Crumble
70012AAA44 PP Meat Maker